LLIS Lesson Learned: Shelter-in-Place and Evacuation: Developing Standard Press Release Language for Shelter-in-Place and Evacuation Messages   [open pdf - 123KB]

"Public information officers (PIOs) should consider developing standard press release language for when the public is ordered to shelter - in - place or evacuate. This can help ensure that joint information center (JIC) personnel communicate accurate information to the public. […] The California Governor's Office of Homeland Security Exercise Branch conducted the California Golden Guardian 2010 Statewide Full-Scale Exercise (FSE) in May 2010. This FSE was the sixth statewide homeland security and disaster preparedness exercise in the governor's annual Golden Guardian Exercise series. The exercise was conducted at 7 different venues and involved more than 3,000 Federal, state, local, and private sector participants. The FSE scenario included terrorist attacks at the ports of San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Redwood City, and Sacramento as well as at the California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) campus. The California Governor's Office of Homeland Security Exercise Branch sponsored the California Statewide Golden Guardian FSE conducted by the County of San Diego on May 18, 2010. Participants included 1,200 representatives from Federal, state, county, and local agencies; 22 healthcare centers; and the military. The purpose of the FSE was to test the ability of response agencies in the County of San Diego to respond to multiple simultaneous terrorist attacks. The exercise scenario included three suspicious backpacks placed at public transit locations, a residential structure fire in the city of Coronado, and an active shooter incident and detonation of a radiological dispersal device on the CSUSM campus. One of the objectives of the FSE was to demonstrate effective communication of shelter-in-place instructions and evacuation orders to the citizens of San Diego and the surrounding area."

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