Summary Report California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Evaluation of Full-Face Air-Purifying Respirators for Wildland Fire Fighting Use   [open pdf - 501KB]

"Wildland fire suppression personnel employed by the CDF [California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection] do not currently have the equipment to protect themselves from the short-term acute affects of smoke from wildland fires. In addition, no regulations exist that specify appropriate respiratory protection and the current air-purifying respirator technology and carbon monoxide monitoring has not been adapted to fit wildland fire suppression requirements. This three-year limited study evaluated the ability of wildland fire fighters to perform their normal job function while wearing full-face air-purifying respirators. In the first two years of this study we designed, developed and field tested a prototype 'smart' air-purifying respirator which incorporated a real-time carbon monoxide monitor into a commercial full-face respirator. Data on carbon monoxide exposure while fighting wildland fires was collected. During the third year of this study we evaluated eight different commercially available full-face air-purifying respirators equipped with a variety of cartridges. Apparatus to aid the fire fighter in carrying the respirator and carbon monoxide personal monitor was designed and fabricated. A smoke exposure test method was developed and a laboratory study on the penetration of smoke through respirator cartridges was conducted."

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UCRL- CR - 122559
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