Executive Order 13166 Limited English Proficiency Resource Documents: Tips and Tools from the Field   [open pdf - 328KB]

"In June of 2002, DOJ [U.S. Department of Justice] issued guidance relating to language assistance pursuant to Title VI, of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. 2000d, et seq. (Title VI) and its accompanying, regulations. The guidance focused on recipients of DOJ financial assistance (primarily law, enforcement agencies, departments of corrections, courts, domestic violence service providers,, and entities having a law enforcement or juvenile justice mission). That guidance has served as a, launching point for COR's [Coordination and Review Section] training efforts and discussions with federal, state, and other partners, on the subject of language assistance. Often these interactions and trainings have become, opportunities for sharing tips and tools from the field based on the experiences of recipients, and communities working with LEP [limited English proficient] populations. Sharing anecdotes of community solutions, that have been positively received, as well as sharing information about some of the drawbacks, of certain approaches, offers entities opportunities to make great strides in developing their, own solutions to language access concerns., The purpose of this document is for DOJ to share its experiences in hopes of providing a useful tool for, enhancing access for LEP persons."

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