Mississippi River and Tributaries Waterways Action Plan: Missouri River Annex 2017   [open pdf - 368KB]

"This appendix provides general information and target gages to be used as a guideline for a crisis on the Missouri River. Like a crisis on the Upper Mississippi River (UMR), it is the responsibility of the United States Coast Guard (USCG), Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and River Industry representatives to meet and discuss conditions on the Missouri River and to annually review the actions specified in the plan. This annex will normally be reviewed in conjunction with the winter navigation meeting. In Section 4 of this annex, the Missouri River has Action Plan Tables for High Water, Low Water and High Current. An Action Plan Table for ice conditions is not included as navigation does not normally occur during the ice period mid December to mid March of each year. The tables are divided by river reaches with three action phases (e.g., Watch, Action, and Recovery Phases) described in the plan. Support tables of historical river flow discharges and river stage references, including recommended close and open watch stages, are included."

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