Response to the World Trade Center (WTC) Disaster: Initial WETP Grantee Response and Preliminary Assessment of Training Needs   [open pdf - 231KB]

"The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and the subsequent magnitude of the destruction and loss of life at the World Trade Center Complex (WTC) created an emergency response, rescue, and recovery effort of enormous proportions. New York City, State, and many Federal disaster response organizations, in addition to thousands of volunteers and other support organizations, quickly responded, including the NIEHS [National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences]-Worker Education and Training Program (WETP). Several of the WETP grantees were among those support organizations responding for the purpose of providing quick- response training to workers, many from organizations with which the grantees are affiliated. In order to provide a perspective at the WETP Administrator level, a short-term technical assistance and coordination task order was executed with the authors, one of whom was dispatched to the WTC disaster site over the period from September 22 through September 27, 2001. The purpose of the short-term task order was four fold: 1) assist in coordination of NIEHS-WETP grantee activities at the WTC Site, 2) assess the current safety and health status of response personnel working at the WTC Site, 3) evaluate the current Site safety and health plans or programs and related aspects such as exposure monitoring with respect to worker protections, and 4) perform a preliminary training needs assessment specific to the WTC Site activities."

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