FCC Consumer Advisory: Ten-Digit Numbering and 911 Calls for Internet-Based TRS: What They Mean for Users   [open pdf - 235KB]

"Since December 31, 2008, persons with hearing and/or speech disabilities who use Video Relay Service (VRS) or Internet Protocol Relay (IP Relay) - two forms of Internet-based Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) - have been able to obtain ten-digit telephone numbers from their VRS or IP Relay provider. These are the ten-digit telephone numbers used by voice telephone users. New Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules require that VRS and IP Relay users be able to make and receive calls using their new ten-digit numbers, and be able to make 911 calls and have those calls - AND the caller's ten-digit number and location information - routed to the appropriate public safety answering point, ensuring 911 service comparable to the 911 service provided through the traditional telephone network. This advisory contains important information for VRS and IP Relay users on how to obtain a ten-digit number, what the new FCC rules require providers to do, and how the new 911 call handling requirements will result in more functionally-equivalent 911 access for VRS and IP Relay users. At this time, captioned telephone service (CTS) providers are not required to provide ten-digit numbers to consumers, but interim regulations have been established for handling emergency calls."

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