Executive Summary of the 2004 Hurricane Season Post Storm Assessment of the National Hurricane Study Products   [open pdf - 434KB]

"Post storm assessments serve as an avenue for FEMA to verify product results and data provided to emergency management through the Hurricane Evacuation Study (HES) Program. They also guide future enhancements to insure effective hurricane evacuation and logistical decision-making techniques. Emergency Management at all levels depends upon the evacuation decision assistance tools produced by the NHP, and the post storm assessment is the key component designed to improve those products. The purpose of the Hurricane assessments is to evaluate the performance of existing National Hurricane Program (NHP) evacuation decision assistance products and program initiatives for emergency management at all levels, and to direct future NHP preparedness, training, and public awareness activities based on detailed post storm Transportation, Behavioral, Shelter, Evacuation Decision Making Analyses and impact assessments. The post storm assessment is a vital tool that allows the NHP to calibrate, correct, and improve models and products that serve as primary decision assistance tools for emergency managers."

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