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"The following course material has been developed from several years of experience and knowledge. Documentation and ideas were accepted from all Civil Air Patrol Regions and Wings so that a comprehensive standardized program could be developed at a national level. The chapters included, if properly used in conjunction with a strong field program, should fulfill the minimum requirements for successful specialty qualification of basic ground team members and leaders. The course work is presented in the following manner. Chapters are ordered so that a person builds on skills. Team members need to know certain things before going into the field out of a controlled or safe environment. Once those skills are learned, a trainee can build on that to progress through the training program and work with less guidance in an area that may not be familiar. Finally, a trainee progresses to the point of being qualified, where the person not only can but, is often expected to work autonomously. Trainees are told the topic and objectives up front. As the trainee reads and practices skills, he or she should focus on the objectives already established because this is the same material on which trainees will be tested. At the end of each chapter there are review questions. These are samples of the possible questions to be asked as part of the trainee's final evaluation. Additionally, more specific training on individual tasks is presented in the field task guides, as referenced in the text. You will work through these tasks on field exercises throughout your training."

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