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"The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Detection capability provides the ability to detect CBRNE materials at points of manufacture, transportation, and use. This capability includes the detection of CBRNE material through area monitoring, but not by their effects (i.e., signs or symptoms) on humans and animals which is addressed through the public and animal health capabilities. The CBRNE Detection capability does not include actions taken to respond to the consequences of a release or activities to render any CBRNE device safe. The CBRNE Detection capability is not only about technology, but rather the ability to recognize potential CBRNE threats through equipment, education, and effective protocols. The importance of training, communication, and close coordination with key partners, including intelligence, law enforcement, public safety, public health, and international partners, is recognized as a critical enabler for this capability. However, only the CBRNE detection specific tasks to these cross-cutting elements have been identified in this capability."

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