Coast Guard Requests Boaters Help on the Water: New Neighborhood Watch Program for Waterways Helps Thwart Terrorism   [open pdf - 30KB]

"With reports of increased threats of a terrorist attack on our shores, the United States Coast Guard is requesting the assistance of America's 70 million boaters and others, who work, play, or live around our waterfronts, rivers, lakes, and coastal areas to become part of our nation's first line of defense, called America's Waterway Watch (AWW). America's Waterway Watch is an outreach program akin to neighborhood watch programs in many local communities but is focused strictly on marine-related areas. Let's face it; with over 95,000 miles of shoreline, 300,000 square miles of waterways, 6, 000 bridges, 360 ports of call, and thousands of marinas, the United States Coast Guard simply cannot be everywhere at once. They need all the eyes and ears of those who frequent our waterways to be on the lookout for suspicious activities that might threaten our homeland security."

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