Pandemic Planning Update IV   [open pdf - 935KB]

"Over the past year State, local, tribal, and territorial governments along with people from all walks of life began to share responsibility for pandemic planning. Thanks to thousands of dedicated political and health care leaders, employers, school leaders, the media, individuals, and families, we can now mobilize a more effective response to a pandemic than we could a year ago. Our framework continues to be the President's three strategic pillars--preparedness and communication, surveillance and detection, and response and containment. Since 2005, Congress has supported these efforts, supplying $5.6 billion in funding to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help mobilize the nation. Driving our sense of urgency is a two-part reality: (1) that six months are needed from the start of a pandemic before a well-matched vaccine can be developed and (2) that, even then, current domestic manufacturing capacity is insufficient to provide a pandemic vaccine for all Americans in advance of a possible (many experts would say 'likely') second pandemic wave. HHS confronted this reality and committed to addressing it. Early promising results of that commitment are beginning to appear on the horizon."

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