Pandemic Influenza Emergency Response: Ethics Guidance and Matrix Attachment 12   [open pdf - 75KB]

"After major homeland security and public health preparedness initiatives and directives began to come from the federal government, a number of New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) staff raised concerns about foreseeable issues such as terrorism incidents, disease pandemics, and natural disasters which could place pressure on staff's ability to make effective, ethical decisions. This Attachment was developed to address these concerns. This Attachment provides guidance to NMDOH personnel who directly or indirectly participate in the ethics-based decision making process during health emergencies. The following guidance encourages participating staff to examine ethical issues raised during the deliberation process prior to determining a course of action. This guidance takes two forms. First, there is a common language and frame of reference for decision-making participants. Each major ethical principle is clearly identified and explained. Second, specific questions and application steps provide a path to reaching a decision or recommendation."

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