Public Health Emergencies: 'The Role of the Military Family'   [open pdf - 272KB]

"Public health emergencies, such as the swine flu epidemic, create a call to action for individuals and families to take responsibility for their health. The public is a key partner in addressing public health crises that affect national and international communities. Because these kinds of health crises impact national security, the health and resilience of our military (its fighting force as well as military families and children) are very important. Families have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of children of all ages in times of health emergencies and disasters. Flu viruses are extremely unpredictable and variable. While leaders in science, medicine and government closely monitor and seek to find solutions to disease outbreaks, the best way to protect oneself and one's family is through practicing common sense, basic hygiene, staying informed, and following recommendations over the course of the crisis. Here are some important tips for your family's health and safety during a public health emergency."

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