Preparing for the Flu: Department of Education Recommendations to Ensure the Continuity of Learning for Schools (K-12) During Extended Student Absence or School Dismissal   [open pdf - 167KB]

"As the CDC releases its 'Guidance for School Responses to Influenza During the 2009‐2010 School Year, the U.S. Department of Education ('the Department') wishes to remind states, districts, schools, students, staff, families, and communities alike about the importance of ensuring the continuity of learning in the event of student or school dismissals. The purpose of this document, therefore, is to provide recommendations to help schools maintain the continuity of learning for 1) individual or small groups of students who are out‐of‐school for extended periods and 2) large groups of students disrupted by school dismissals or large numbers of faculty absences. These recommendations present considerations for education stakeholders to plan for and improve their ability to provide continuous learning ranging from take‐home assignments to online learning capabilities. It offers key questions for states, districts, school leaders, teachers, parents, and students, as well as provides resource opportunities and best practices."

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