National Health Security Strategy and Implementation Plan 2015-2018   [open pdf - 2MB]

"National health security is a state in which the nation and its people are prepared for, protected from, and resilient in the face of incidents with health consequences. The threats and risks that communities face are diverse-they can be intentional or naturally occurring and can result from both persistent and emerging threats, including severe weather, infectious diseases, hazardous material exposures, and terrorist attacks. The impact of these incidents can be exacerbated by vulnerabilities that vary from community to community, such as a large number of at-risk individuals, weak social networks, unprotected critical infrastructure, a lack of training and exercising for health security, and a lack of available countermeasures for emerging infectious diseases. The health security of our nation depends on the efforts of all Americans and begins at the community level. National health security also depends firmly on the ingenuity of individuals and connected, healthy communities. Communities contribute to the nation's health security by building and leveraging local assets and skills, enhancing and protecting their infrastructure, facilitating citizen engagement, fostering interpersonal connections among community members, and cultivating relationships among local organizations. In addition, many communities have contributed to health security by developing and strengthening relationships with faith-based organizations, academic institutions, and private industry. The federal government maintains a proactive posture, works to build and support a culture of resilience, develops key skills and core capabilities in the federal and nonfederal workforce, partners with private industry to ensure a manufacturing infrastructure to produce medical countermeasures, and acts as a safety net in response to large-scale emergencies, particularly those that outstrip the response capacity of local or state governments."

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