Annual Report of the State of the National Vaccine Plan   [open pdf - 11MB]

"Vaccination has single-handedly allowed Americans to enjoy healthier and longer lives-up to 30 years longer-with a 14-fold reduction in mortality from infectious disease in the last century. Immunization becoming a part of routine preventive care has vastly improved the health of Americans and those in our global community. In the U.S. alone, approximately 33,000 lives are saved for every birth cohort vaccinated, preventing 14 million cases of disease, and saving $43.3 billion in direct and indirect costs. To ensure continued success, the National Vaccine Plan (NVP) was first created in 1994 to provide strategic direction and optimize the development, use, and eval uation of safe and effective vaccines. ­ In 2010, the National Vaccine Plan was updated to reflect the priorities, opportunities, and challenges presented by emerging technologies, cutting-edge science, and a dynamic immunization infrastructure. The National Vaccine Plan is the United States' guiding vision for vaccines and vaccinations and the system in which they operate for the decade spanning 2010-2020."

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