Hospital Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit: Resources for Respirator Program Administrators   [open pdf - 4MB]

"Healthcare personnel are paid and unpaid persons who provide patient care in a healthcare setting or support the delivery of healthcare by providing clerical, dietary, housekeeping, engineering, security, or maintenance services. Healthcare personnel may potentially be exposed to ATD [aerosol transmissible disease] pathogens. Aerosols are particles or droplets suspended in air. ATDs are diseases transmitted when infectious agents, which are suspended or present in particles or droplets, contact the mucous membranes or are inhaled. Hospitals are unique work environments with challenging occupational health and safety issues. Some hospitals have health and safety personnel who are highly qualified to develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures to control workplace exposures. However, in many facilities with more limited resources, the role of the health and safety professional might be taken on as an added responsibility by someone in the nursing, employee health, or infection control department. This toolkit is written as a practical manual that can be used by anyone charged with setting up and maintaining a hospital respiratory protection program."

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