Wireless Patient Vital Signs Monitoring Device Operational Field Assessment   [open pdf - 643KB]

Taken from the Executive Summary: "On Dec. 3, 2013, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), Sotera Wireless® Inc., First Responders Group, and first receiver subject matter experts (SMEs) from around the nation convened at the American Medical Response facility in San Diego, Calif., to evaluate and assess the ViSi Mobile®. Sotera Wireless Inc., developed ViSi Mobile to meet the capability needs of the Wireless Patient Vital Signs Monitoring Device Operational Requirements Document, developed by DHS S&T with the assistance of emergency medical field SMEs. Participants offered varied years of experience and training and included two physicians, a trauma nurse, two firefighter/paramedics, and two paramedics from across the country. All participants responded positively to the operational capability of ViSi Mobile and provided suggestions for improvements. This included methods of improving the flow of patient information between medics and creating a seamless process for moving vital sign information with the patient without transferring the mobile viewing device (laptop) between medics. Another topic of discussion focused on the physical configuration of the device. […] Ideas included adding Global Positioning System, capnography (monitoring of carbon dioxide in respiratory gases), and integrating the system with a defibrillator. In summary, the assessment demonstrated ViSi Mobile's value in improving basic life support medical care. ViSi Mobile achieves its goal of reducing entanglement and eliminating the need to constantly connect and disconnect to different vital signs monitoring systems. It also possesses the potential to continue to grow and improve to incorporate additional future capabilities such as defibrillation."

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