Operational Field Assessment Report Improved Structural Firefighting Glove   [open pdf - 494KB]

Taken from the Executive Summary: "An operational field assessment (OFA) of the Improved Structural Firefighting Glove was conducted on April 23, 2014, at the Northern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy in Glenview, Illinois. Six firefighters from Illinois, California, and Maryland participated. The OFA focused on glove dexterity; separate testing will address compliance with requirements for thermal protection. The gloves were developed under the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate's First Responders Group, First Responders Technology Program. The requirements for the structural firefighting glove include improved dexterity and don and doff ability to reduce the risk of injury firefighters face when removing gloves to perform manual tasks. Prototype gloves were developed by NanoSonic Inc. and Shelby Specialty Gloves using a nanocomposite insulative array of fire-restrictive material combined with other materials in a 3-D design. The participating firefighters compared the new gloves to the gloves they currently use while performing different manual tasks that are typically required in structural firefighting operations. The firefighters found the new gloves to be better than their current gloves for performing intricate manual tasks requiring tactility, such as tying knots in ropes, manipulating hose couplings, operating radio control buttons, and donning and doffing when wet. The firefighters, who represented areas of expertise such as master firefighter,1 paramedic, fire investigator, helicopter rescue medic, and captain, also offered specific recommendations that could refine the prototype. Recommendations included small changes to the glove construction, such as seam location and stitching alignment, and adjustments to the depth of the fabric between the thumb and trigger finger, which would allow for improved fit."

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