United States Coast Guard Cyber Strategy   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The Coast Guard is committed to ensuring the safety, security, and stewardship of our Nation's waters. This commitment requires a comprehensive cyber strategy that provides a clear framework for our overall mission success. Cyber technology has fueled great progress and efficiency in our modern world. Coast Guard operations are more effective because of the rapid evolution in cyber technology, and advanced technologies have also led to an unprecedented era of efficiency of the Maritime Transportation System (MTS). However, with these benefits come serious risks. Information and its supporting systems are continually attacked and exploited by hostile actors. Foreign governments, criminal organizations, and other illicit actors attempt to infiltrate critical government and private sector information systems, representing one of the most serious threats we face as a nation. As the Coast Guard relies on modern digital information and communications systems to execute its missions, the Service must defend against those who threaten them. The Coast Guard must also build and sustain an operational advantage in cyberspace to ensure optimal integration of information and intelligence with our operations. Moreover, the Coast Guard must lead the effort to protect maritime critical infrastructure from a broadening array of cyber threats. To fully ensure the Coast Guard is able to perform its essential missions in the 21st Century, it must fully embrace cyberspace as an operational domain. To this end, the Coast Guard will focus on three specific strategic priorities in the cyber domain over the next ten years: [1] Defending Cyberspace [2] Enabling Operations [3] Protecting Infrastructure."

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