Report on Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan [June 2015]   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Since 2001, U.S. and coalition forces have had a positive effect on progress in Afghanistan while protecting U.S. vital national interests. U.S. forces have supported the development of democratic governance, trained and equipped the ANDSF [Afghan National Defense and Security Forces], and helped prevent the country from being used to launch terrorist attacks against the U.S. homeland. Afghanistan has experienced economic growth over the last 13 years and notable improvements in other socio-economic and social indicators. Today, more children are in school, including more than three million girls. In addition, women are participating in the electoral process and are active in the workforce, including serving their country in the ANDSF. The United States remains committed to preserving the gains made over the last decade. U.S. forces remain in Afghanistan at the invitation of the Afghan government, and their presence is governed by both the U.S.-Afghanistan Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) and the NATO-Afghanistan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), which were both signed on September 30, 2014, and ratified by the Afghan Parliament on November 27, 2014. With support from the Afghan government and the Afghan people, U.S. forces are now conducting two well-defined and complementary missions to advance U.S. objectives to disrupt threats posed by al Qaeda, and to support the ANDSF in providing the Afghan people the opportunity to succeed as they stand on their own. First, U.S. forces are continuing a counterterrorism mission against the remnants of al Qaeda in Afghanistan to prevent its resurgence and external plotting against U.S. targets, including the homeland. Second, in coordination with NATO Allies and RS operational partner nations, U.S. forces are conducting a TAA [train, advise, and assist] mission to continue building the capabilities and long-term sustainability of the ANDSF."

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