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From the 'About Us' section: "'When it comes to energy security, the United States veers constantly between panic and complacency.' These words were said by James Schlesinger, the only man who served as both the Secretary of Energy and Secretary of Defense. The Fuse was founded with a single purpose: to provide a trustworthy source of news, analysis, and commentary on all aspect of the energy security debate, and guide a conversation that understands the urgency of our energy security challenges while maintaining a clear vision of solutions. The term 'energy security' is used in many contexts by different interests to achieve a variety of aims. For the environmental movement, transitioning our transportation sector away from oil is framed as an energy security objective in the broader context of achieving climate and energy efficiency goals. For the oil and gas industry, energy security means increasing our domestic energy supply. For us, it means both."

Securing America's Future Energy
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