LLIS Lesson Learned: Emergency Management: Establishing Procedures for Priority Snow Plow Routes   [open pdf - 72KB]

"From December 13 to 27, 2008, the Puget Sound region of western Washington experienced an extended period of winter weather. Seattle received 11.3 inches of snow during the period, 9.1 inches higher than the city's regular December snowfall amounts. Continuous accumulation of snow, coupled with freezing temperatures, turned compacted snow into ice. This resulted in road closures, treacherous driving conditions, limited Metro bus service, and school and business closures throughout the city. The Seattle Department of Transportation (DOT) coordinated response and recovery efforts with the Seattle EOC [Emergency Operations Center] as well as with police, utilities, and public health agencies. Overall, the storm cost Seattle an estimated $3.4 million in damages and response and recovery efforts, including snow removal, power restoration, and the delivery of critical medications and healthcare services to stranded individuals. […] Local emergency managers should develop and maintain a list of priority plowing areas within their jurisdictions. A copy of the list should be kept at the EOC. Managers should also establish procedures for requesting priority plow services and for tracking the completion of requests."

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