LLIS Lesson Learned: Special Event Planning: Establishing Protest Zones   [open pdf - 45KB]

"The City of San Diego hosted Super Bowl XXXVII and Super Bowl-related events from January 18 to 26, 2003. The Department of Homeland Security designated the Super Bowl as a Special Event Readiness Level (SERL) 2 because of its high profile nature and tens of thousands of attendees. Under this designation, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) retained jurisdiction as the lead law enforcement agency. SDPD worked in conjunction with Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to provide security for all Super Bowlrelated events at sites such as the Qualcomm Stadium, hotels, and practice areas. SDPD had exclusive responsibility for managing any demonstrations or protests. Some law enforcement planners anticipated anti-war or other political demonstrations due to the impending US military action in Iraq. […] No protests were held at the Gaslamp zone and only three small groups used the Qualcomm protest zone. Despite the lack of protests, establishing the zones enabled SDPD to have the information it needed to prepare for and meet the needs of protestors. SDPD knew in advance how many protestors to expect and when the groups would be protesting. As a result, SDPD established zones of the appropriate size and provided adequate manpower support."

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