LLIS Lesson Learned: Emergency Operations Center: Equipment Inventory and Tracking   [open pdf - 45KB]

From the Summary: "Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) should establish an equipment inventory and a tracking mechanism for all equipment loaned out to other government entities. Effective equipment tracking will ensure that loaned equipment can be quickly recovered during an emergency. From the Description: "Emergency Operations Centers are usually activated only during a declared emergency. As a result, equipment is often stored in closets or loaned out to other agencies when the EOC is dormant. On the morning of September 11, equipment from the Arlington County EOC was on loan to other Arlington County agencies. Most importantly, laptop computers had been assigned to a countywide capital improvement task force. The computers' primary function is emergency use and full activation of the EOC would have been difficult without them. When the EOC was activated, county officials were able to quickly recover the laptops that had been loaned out because records of the transaction had been kept. This quick recovery demonstrated to EOC officials the importance of tracking all equipment used during an emergency. An EOC equipment inventory should be maintained, and records of any equipment loaned to other agencies kept so it can be quickly recovered, according to the after-action report."

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