LLIS Lesson Learned: Incident Command Post Placement   [open pdf - 42KB]

From the Summary: "Incident Commanders (ICs) must take a number of important factors into consideration when locating the Incident Command Post (ICP). The ICP should not be located near high-traffic areas such as a reception site for arriving mutual aid units." From the Description: "During the Top Officials 2 (TOPOFF 2) exercise in Chicago, Illinois, the IC encountered logistical problems with the placement of the ICP. The ICP was co-located with the 'reception reporting site' where mutual aid units from around the state were arriving under the auspices of the Illinois Statewide Mutual Aid Plan. At the reception site, arriving mutual aid personnel were assigned to units and told to await assignment nearby. Many of these units, eager to help out, wandered into the ICP looking for an assignment instead of waiting. This caused unnecessary distractions at the ICP that could have been avoided. The after-action report recommends locating the ICP away from high-traffic areas such as the reception reporting site."

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