Anniston Community CSEPP Exercise 2003 [Anniston, AL; March 18, 2003]   [open pdf - 677KB]

Alternate Title: Anniston Community Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Exercise 2003 (ACE 03): Exercise Report [Anniston, AL; March 18, 2003]

From the Introduction: "The Anniston Community CSEPP [Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Exercise] 2003 (ACE 03) provided the opportunity to demonstrate the emergency response capabilities of the Anniston Community and to validate correction of findings identified during the Anniston Community CSEPP Exercise 2001 (ACE 01) and the Anniston Community CSEPP Exercise 2002 (ACE 02). The Off-Post community did not participate in ACE 02." The exercise was predicated on the following hypothetical scenario: "A surveillance crew had been conducting a routine chemical operation in the Chemical Limited Area (CLA) during normal working hours on March 18, 2003. Agent monitoring was performed during igloo closing actions with no indication of agent vapor. Weather was simulated for hazard analysis purposes. Sometime prior to 1800 hours a one ton container began leaking in a nearby igloo. Liquid GB [type of nerve agent] agent gushed across the floor and under the door to the outside. Once outside, the agent formed a large puddle on the igloo apron. [...] A Chemical Stockpile Defense Force (CSDF) unit patrolling the CLA outside fence downwind spotted several deer in the roadway just ahead of their patrol vehicle. They reported that the deer were lying motionless and others were staggering around. Both patrol members quickly began to exhibit mild to moderate symptoms of nerve agent-like exposure. Both soldiers donned their protective masks and began self-aid measures, but became disoriented and were not able to use their communications equipment or drive their vehicle."

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Anniston Community CSEPP Exercise 2003. Anniston, AL. March 18, 2003
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