Newport Community CSEPP Exercise 2003 [Newport, IL; July 23, 2003]   [open pdf - 237KB]

Alternate Title: Newport Community Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Exercise 2003: Addendum to the Exercise Report [Newport, IL; July 23, 2003]

From the Introduction: "The Newport (IL) Community CSEPP [Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program] exercise 2003 (NECD IL CSEPP EX 03) was conducted on July 23, 2003 to demonstrate the emergency response capabilities of the Newport (IL) Community CSEPP and to validate correction of findings identified during past CSEPP exercises. This was a Federally Managed Alternate Year Exercise (F/AYE). The Newport Chemical Depot (NECD), the State of Illinois, Edgar County (IL), and Vermillion County (IL) participated in the exercise." This exercise was predicated on the following hypothetical scenario: "On July 23, 2003, a replacement of a damaged TC [ton container] valve operation was planned for one of the VX filled TCs stored on the depot. The work crew consisted of 5 NECD Storage personnel: 4 operators, and one Surety Supervisor. The work crew was wearing OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Association] Level C protective clothing with M40 mask in slung position. The following equipment was present at the work site: RTAP [Real Time Analytical Platform], forklift, safety truck and water trailer."

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Newport Community CSEPP Exercise 2003. Newport, IL. July 23, 2003
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