Exercise Reliant Midwest 3-09: After Action Report   [open pdf - 63KB]

"Exercise Reliant Midwest (RMW) 3-09 was conducted at NAVSTA [Naval Station] Great Lakes on 14 July 2009. The exercise was designed to serve as an integrated training event for the installation, tenant commands, and area partners. […] RMW 3-09 scenario was a tornado touching down […]at naval station great lakes. Approx 275 students from TSC [Training Support Center] role played victims and displaced family members; naval health clinic personnel applied moulage to simulate injuries. Mass notification and warning systems were used to warn of the impending tornado. Child development center personnel exercised their severe weather response plans. After the tornado struck the housing area, great lakes police department and fire and emergency services personnel responded. […] The naval health clinic response team was requested to support the mass casualty event. Patients were assessed and transported to the North Chicago VA [Veterans Administration] Medical Center, Lake Forest Hospital, and Midwestern Regional Medical Center. […] Fleet and family support center set up an emergency family assistance center and processed approx 80 families requesting support."

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