Multiple Fatality Highrise Condominium Fire: Clearwater, Florida: June 28, 2002   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Overview: "At approximately 05:00 hours on the morning of June 28, 2002, a fire started in the kitchen of a condominium located on the southwest corner of the fifth floor of an eleven story residential high-rise, built of fire resistive construction. The adult occupant of the unit attempted to fight the fire with portable fire extinguishers and an occupant use fire hose from the building's standpipe system before notifying the fire department or activating the building's fire alarm system, which was monitored by a central station fire alarm service. The delayed alarm resulted in the death of two occupants of the building and injury to five Clearwater firefighters, which included serious burns to one firefighter that required over three months of recovery. Challenges encountered by arriving firefighters included lack of knowledge of a working fire by the first engine company due to communication difficulties, a shutoff standpipe riser, an out-of-service hydrant on the south side of the building, and deviation from standard operating guides for alarms in high-rise structures. After addressing these initial difficulties, the operation recovered and the firefighters extinguished the fire with a combined exterior and interior attack. Three alarms were called because of the injured firefighters; the need to search and evacuate a large building with a wide occupant age range and evacuation capabilities; and the early problems encountered with insufficient fire flow to extinguish the fire."

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USFA-TR-148; U.S. Fire Administration-Technical Report-148
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Multiple Fatality Highrise Condominium Fire. Clearwater, FL. June 28, 2002
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