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"This After-Action Report (AAR) was produced with the help, advice, and assistance of Domestic Preparedness Biological Weapons Tabletop Exercise (BWTTX) participants from many Federal, State, and local departments and agencies. The purpose of publishing an AAR is to document effectiveness and overall exercise performance. As such, this report is tangible evidence of our Federal, State, and local Domestic Preparedness Program (DPP) partnership. It serves as a compendium of lessons learned, outlines recommended corrective actions, and provides the basis for planning future exercises. This, along with the Chemical Weapons Tabletop Exercise (CWTTX) and Chemical Weapons Full-Scale Exercise (CWFSE) AARs, will contribute to improving response, responder training, exercise and preparedness testing, and the provision of expert assistance. Exercises serve as 'final accountability' of collective preparedness. Exercise evaluation, such as this report, documents readiness and recommends plans for improvement. The DPP is committed to giving program participants an accurate analysis of the training and exercises. The Domestic Preparedness exercise series is provided under the authority and funding of the FEDERAL PROGRAM. The exercise program includes one chemical and one biological terrorism tabletop and a chemical full-scale exercise. These activities build on and reinforce the training provided to first responders and the medical community by allowing them to test their plans, procedures, and training. Program participants are encouraged to provide input relating to exercise design, conduct, and analysis to the Director, Exercise and Evaluation Division, Office for Domestic Preparedness."

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