Aberdeen Community CSEPP Exercise 2001 [Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; April 18, 2001]   [open pdf - 685KB]

Alternate Title: Aberdeen Community Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program: Team Leader Binder [Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; April 18, 2001]

From the Introduction: "The Aberdeen Community CSEPP [Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program] Exercise 2001 (Aberdeen Community CSEPP EX 01) was conducted on April 18, 2001 to demonstrate the emergency response capabilities of the Aberdeen CSEPP Community and to validate correction of findings identified during past CSEPP exercises." From the Exercise Scenario: "On April 18, at approximately 0630, first entry monitoring (FEM) of the CASY [chemical agent storage yard] was started by personnel from Edgewood Chemical Activity (ECA). FEM was completed by 0730. After the personnel conducting first entry monitoring left CASY, a catastrophic leak occurred in two one-ton containers as a result of a valve failure. MINICAM # 6 and # 7 alarmed at 0842, about 30 minutes after the plug fails. The MINICAMs were actually activated at this point in the exercise. This was the signal for Aberdeen Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (ABCDF) personnel to initiate their portion of the exercise play. Bechtel construction workers evacuated the work area and worker accountability procedures were initiated. There were two simulated injuries included in the scenario design. One Bechtel Corporation worker experienced chest pains. One security guard tripped, fell, and suffered a fractured tibia."

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Aberdeen Community CSEPP Exercise 2001. Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. April 18, 2001
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