Anniston Community CSEPP Exercise 2001 [Anniston, AL; March 7, 2001]   [open pdf - 1MB]

Alternate Title: Anniston Community Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Exercise 2001: Exercise Report

From the Introduction: "The Anniston Community CSEPP Exercise 2001 (ACE 01) provided the opportunity to demonstrate the emergency response capabilities of the Anniston Community and to validate correction of findings identified during the Anniston Community CSEPP Exercise 2000 (ACE 00)." From the Exercise Scenario: "At 0400 on Wednesday March 7, 2001, while on a routine security inspection, security guards discovered that the igloo filter on Igloo G-502-A had stopped operating. Security called the Depot EOC which in turn recalled a crew to be dispatched to correct the problem. At 0600 hours, a work crew consisting of a 2 person monitoring team was troubleshooting the igloo filter at igloo G-502-A. The level of dress for this monitoring crew was expected to be level E (coveralls and mask slung). The following equipment was present at or near Igloo G-502-A: an equipment van and a 1000- CFM igloo filter on trailer. At approximately 0605 hours on 7 March 2001, a Tiger Air Cargo jet (Boeing 737) enroute from Atlanta, GA. to Memphis, TN suddenly started losing fuel rapidly as they neared the Anniston area. The flight crew contacted Birmingham and requested an emergency landing at the nearest airport. While just north of the Depot and Pelham Range, the crew was advised to turn to a southeasterly direction and head towards Anniston Municipal Airport. The flight crew in an effort to comply began to turn towards the airport. At 3000 ft. over Pelham Range, the plane ran completely out of fuel and both engines quit. As the plane approached the northern perimeter of the Depot it began to rapidly lose altitude and all efforts to regain control by the flight crew failed. […] At approximately 0610 hours, the aircraft crossed the northern Depot boundary at low altitude and crashed into the head wall of igloo G-602, penetrating the igloo and breaking up on impact. […] There were no signs of survivors and several damaged and leaking rounds could be observed lying in and around the crash site."

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