Newport Community Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program Exercise 2006 [Newport, IN; April 5, 2006]   [open pdf - 872KB]

Alternate Title: NECD CSEPP EX 2006 [Newport, IN; April 5, 2006]

From the Exercise Scenario: "At 0900 an earthquake registering 6.5 on the Richter scale occurred with the epicenter near Covington, Indiana along the Wabash fault line. A (electric powered) fork lift fell against the transport vehicle ripping the side of the transport vehicle's diesel fuel tank. Fuel splashed around the area and poured out of the side of the tank. The boom also struck one of the TCs [ton containers] on the transport vehicle knocking off the bonnet and a valve. There was a heavy stream of agent gurgling out of the valve. The friction of the fork lift striking the transport vehicle caused a spark and a fire ignited. There were 3 side scenarios that occurred on-post as a result of the earthquake. 1. A light pole on the upwind side of the 3300 Area fell on the outer security fence collapsing the fabric. 2. In the south end of Building 713A a bookcase fell and trapped the Purchasing Supervisor. 3. The telephone operator in Building 7700 was hit by a large book falling off of a bookcase There were a total of five on-post injuries. The fork lift driver suffered a broken left leg, lacerations across the left arm, a possible concussion and exhibited symptoms of inhalation exposure. One of the ground guides experienced symptoms of inhalation exposure within 5 minutes of the accident. One of the safety personnel suffered a heart attack. The Purchasing Supervisor in Building 713A sustained a broken right arm, bruised left shoulder, and broken right ankle. The telephone operator in Building 7700 experienced a concussion."

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