Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Assistant Secretaries of Defense for Personnel and Readiness and Reserve Affairs: Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule, January 13, 1994   [open pdf - 446KB]

"My memorandum dated April 28, 1993, directed the Military Services to open more specialties and assignments to women and established an Implementation Committee to ensure that those policies are applied consistently. I also charged the Committee to review and make recommendations on several specific implementation issues. The Committee has completed its first such review, that of the 'appropriateness of the 'Risk Rule'', reference (b), and concluded that, as written, the risk rule is no longer appropriate. Accordingly, effective October 1, 1994, reference (b) is rescinded. My memorandum restricted women from direct combat on the ground. The Committee studied this and recommended that a ground combat rule be established for assignment of women in the Armed Forces. Accordingly, the following direct ground combat assignments rule, and accompanying definition of 'direct ground combat,' are adopted effective October 1, 1994 and will remain in effect until further notice."

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