LLIS Best Practice: Emergency Management Programs for Healthcare Facilities: Emergency Operations Plan: Concept of Operations: Notification   [open pdf - 53KB]

"A healthcare facility's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) should have provisions for notifying internal and external personnel. Notification operations consist of informing personnel both internal and external to the facility of EOP activation and instructing them how to respond. The actual messages should be developed by personnel in the Planning Section, and approved by the Management Section, if feasible. Information should be presented in simple language, and avoid jargon. Messages should be addressed to the recipient's position in the IMS, not the individual's name or job title. […] Healthcare facilities should routinely test internal and external information management and communication systems for notification through test messages, routine use, drills, and exercises. These tests should evaluate both the information conveyed, as well as the technology used to communicate it. This Best Practice describes what the notification section of a healthcare facility's concept of operations should include."

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