LLIS Best Practice: Incident Site Security: Perimeter Security: Outer Perimeters   [open pdf - 77KB]

"Outer perimeters and their associated standard operating procedures (SOPs) are essential components of perimeter security at incident scenes. They enable emergency response personnel to isolate and control access to the incident scene and associated areas, including the incident command post (ICP), staging and reception areas, the centralized dispatch center, and the emergency operations center (EOC). Effective outer perimeters protect emergency responders from external influences and protect the public from dangers emanating from the incident site. They also help to preserve evidence at the incident site. This Best Practice reviews the two core elements of outer perimeters: evacuation procedures and physical barrier construction. This document can aid jurisdictions when developing new or revising existing perimeter security plans for emergencies. Jurisdictions' outer perimeter plans and SOPs will vary according to their specific targets, resources, and logistics."

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