LLIS Best Practice -- Radiological Dispersal Device Incident Response Planning: Roles and Responsibilities of Emergency Response Organizations   [open pdf - 166KB]

"Municipalities have the primary responsibility for incident response within their jurisdictions following an RDD [Radiological Dispersal Device] event. However, an RDD event may overwhelm jurisdictions' capabilities and require resources to supplement local assets. A large number of jurisdictions may not have the resources or authority to respond effectively to an RDD event. In many cases, partnerships between local emergency response organizations and state radiation control authorities will be critical. A number of state and federal agencies can provide municipalities with specialized expertise, equipment, and resources upon request to respond to an RDD incident. This Best Practice discusses roles and responsibilities of jurisdictions following an RDD event. It also provides information on federal and state roles, expertise, and resources that could be deployed upon request. This document can support emergency planners by helping to familiarize themselves with these resources and functions."

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