LLIS Best Practice: Radiological Dispersal Device Incident Response Planning: Incident Identification   [open pdf - 142KB]

"Emergency responders may not realize that radioactive material has been released at an incident scene during the early stages of emergency response operations. To address this challenge, emergency planners should consider developing RDD-specific [Radiological Dispersal Device] plans and standard operating procedures that enhance responders' ability to identify the radiological component of an RDD event. Responders should be trained to assume that radioactive material has been dispersed at an incident site after any explosion of unknown origin until proven otherwise. Emergency response organizations should ensure that personnel likely to respond to an RDD event possess appropriate radiation detection equipment. Jurisdictions might find it especially helpful to provide all first response fire vehicles with radiation detection instruments. Emergency responders also should be trained periodically to use radiation detection instruments as well as to recognize radiation exposure symptoms."

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