LLIS Innovative Practice: New Hampshire's IT Leader Program: Improving Information Sharing to Enhance Cybersecurity   [open pdf - 252KB]

"The 'Lessons Learned Information Sharing' team identifies innovative practices within the whole community and documents these practices for emergency managers to consider when developing plans and exercises. Established in 2003, New Hampshire's Information Technology (IT) Leader program aims to develop effective relationships between the New Hampshire Department of Information Technology (DoIT) and state agency partners to increase cybersecurity preparedness. DoIT uses the IT Leader program to raise cybersecurity awareness and collectively protect information assets by integrating cybersecurity into planning, operations, and business processes for state executive agencies. Through the IT Leader program, DoIT assists state agencies in responding to cyber incidents by improving the accuracy, speed, and effectiveness of information sharing on cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents. By incorporating a similar IT Leader program into a cyber plan, emergency managers can address cyber threats and improve overall cyber preparedness."

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