Initiatives to Address Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and Retaliation Associated with Reporting Crime   [open pdf - 891KB]

"As leaders of the Department of Defense, we share a commitment to an environment free from sexual violence and sexual harassment. In order to retain and attract the best people with the best skills, everyone must know that these closely related behaviors have no place in the military. The force of the future is one that leverages our culture of dignity and respect to prevent crime and other improper behaviors, as well as support those who make the difficult choice to report them. The 'Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military,' released today, suggests that the prevalence of sexual assault has decreased across the Department, while reporting of this crime has increased . These and other data gathered in the past year have helped us learn how to better care for victims and prevent sexual assault. In addition, the report demonstrates our resolve to consider and employ new solutions that have been attempted nowhere else. Our approach to prevention and Special Victims' Counsel programs hold great promise not only for the military, but also for the rest of the country as well. Despite our effo1is to date, our fight against sexual assault is far from over. I am concerned that far too many of those who report the crime perceive some kind of retaliation associated with doing so."

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