Budget Hearing: United States Coast Guard, Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Homeland Security, One Hundred and Fourteenth Congress, First Session, March 24, 2015   [open pdf - 623KB]

This hearing held on March 24, 2015, titled "Budget Hearing - United States Coast Guard," was before the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations and the Subcommittee on Homeland Security. The following is from the opening statement of Subcommittee Chairman John Carter: ""The Coast Guard secures our borders, safeguards our maritime commerce, and combats transnational crime. To be sure, yours is a complex mission. Admiral, this mission requires a significant investment in resources, including vessels, aircraft, and personnel. In previous discussions with your predecessor, the subcommittee expressed concern over a diminished budget that did not address frontline operations and future capabilities adequately. The Fiscal Year 2016 budget does address some of these concerns, such as reduced staffing numbers. However, I am still alarmed by a continued decrease in overall discretionary funding and how that decrease will impact the timely acquisition, maintenance and readiness of your assets. […]Admiral, we fully understand the challenge you face in balancing a shrinking budget while also trying to care for Coast Guard families, sustaining operations with aging assets, and recapitalizing for the future. This is no small task in today's fiscal environment. That is precisely why we are relying upon you to explain how this budget meets our Nation's needs for both fiscal discipline and robust security." Statements, letters, and other materials submitted for the record can be found by the following: John Carter, Hal Rogers, and Paul F. Zukunft.

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