Fiscal Year 2016 National Security Space Hearing, Hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, First Session, March 25, 2015   [open pdf - 1MB]

This testimony compilation is from the March 25, 2015 hearing, "Fiscal Year 2016 National Security Space Hearing," before the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services. From the statement of Douglas Loverro: "While much has changed in those two years, there have been two clear constants. First, space remains as vital today to our national security as ever. It continues to underpin DoD capabilities worldwide at every level of engagement, from humanitarian assistance to all levels of combat and, as Admiral Haney, Commander of the United States Strategic Command, testified before this committee last month, is a major cornerstone of our deterrent strategy. Second, threats to space systems continue to grow. These include both non-hostile threats such as the continued increase in space congestion, spectrum interference, and debris, but more concerning, the hostile threats posed by adversaries who would seek to eliminate the advantage space confers to our forces. Those threats continue to mature and as this committee knows, and as the Director of National Intelligence recently testified, our adversaries are not sitting still. As you will see over the course of this hearing, neither are we." Statements, letters and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: John Hyten, Douglas Loverro, Dyke Weatherington, Betty Sapp, Robert Cardillo and John Raymond.

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