Performance of Buildings and Nonstructural Components in the 2014 South Napa Earthquake   [open pdf - 109MB]

From the Preface: "California is subject to frequent damaging earthquakes, and each one presents an opportunity to study the impacts, improve our understanding of how buildings perform when subjected to strong ground shaking, and update building codes and standards for improved building performance. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) established the Mitigation Assessment Team (MAT) program to investigate post-disaster building performance and develop recommendations that address improvements in building design and construction, code development, enforcement, and mitigation activities that will lead to greater resistance to hazard events. The FEMA MAT program, however, is not currently set up to investigate the performance of buildings after earthquakes. On August 24, 2014, a magnitude-6.0 earthquake occurred in Napa, California. In response to this earthquake, the Special Projects task of the National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP) under FEMA Contract HSFE60-12-D-024 with the Applied Technology Council (ATC) was used to fund an investigation. At the time, this event had not yet been declared a federal disaster, and disaster funds were therefore not available. Because of limitations to this funding, some issues, such as performance of lifelines or building investigations in additional areas, could not be investigated."

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FEMA P-1024; Federal Emergency Management Agency Performance-1024
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