National Runway Safety Plan 2015 - 2017   [open pdf - 6MB]

"Today's aerospace enterprise is among the most technically complex systems ever devised. The demands on the National Airspace System plus the impact of evolving technology, rising traffic volumes, and the implementation of the Next Generation Air Transportation System create an environment where assumptions must be continually tested and validated using robust feedback loops. Recognizing the scope of this increasing complexity, the Administrator recently reinforced the importance of building upon the ability of the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Management System to find the issues, use multiple data streams to analyze the issues, and devise comprehensive corrective actions that are measured and monitored. The 2015-2017 National Runway Safety Plan (referred to herein as the 'Plan') directly supports the Administrator's Strategic Priorities including the initiatives to make aviation safer and smarter on the nation's airports by moving to risk-based decision making; enabling the safe and efficient integration of the Next Generation Air Transportation System; and demonstrating global leadership in improving air traffic safety and efficiency through data-driven solutions that shape international standards. Evaluating runway safety performance, given the increased volume of air and surface traffic and the accommodation of new aerospace vehicles, requires moving beyond just tracking and determining responsibility for runway incursions and other incidents. This Plan outlines the transition from a reactive, event-based safety system to a proactive, risk-based system that incorporates the safety policies, culture, risk management, promotional, and analytical tools available in the Safety Management System. Utilizing these principles, the agency is transitioning to a data driven, risk-based approach to monitoring and maintaining the safety parameters of the runway and airport surface environment."

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