Establishing Emergency Pet Shelters During Manmade, Natural Emergency or Disasters in the Worthington Fire Protection District   [open pdf - 115KB]

"The problem is the Worthington Fire Protection District does not have any Emergency Pet Shelters established for use in emergencies. The purpose of this research was to identify requirements and resources for establishing emergency pet shelters in the Fire District. This was a descriptive research project. The research questions were: 1. To identify what, if any, are the regulations for emergency pet shelters in the District. 2. To identify what, if any, locations in the District meet the emergency pet shelters regulations. 3. To identify what agency would determine the protocol for opening a pet shelter during an emergency. 4. To identify what, if any, role would District personnel play in an emergency pet shelter. 5. To identify how other jurisdictions are administering and operating emergency pet shelters and who is responsible. The procedures included a review of regulations, emergency operations plans, and a survey of the National Society of Executive Fire Officers, where questioned regarding pet shelter administration and operations. The procedures also included interviews of emergency management and district personnel. Each localities result varied. There were no consistency in operation and administration of shelters, even though FEMA has developed a pet shelter best practice"

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