Determining a Process to Follow in Development of Short, Medium, and Long Range Planning Within Auburn Fire Division (a Step-By-Step Process)   [open pdf - 154KB]

"Auburn Fire Division is at a pivotal point in its development. With the retirement of the City Manager, and pending retirements of a majority of its leadership, the division will have to weather some significant changes in the immediate future. The problem is: At present, a strategic plan for the fire division does not exist that has been communicated and understood by line personnel at Auburn Fire Division. Thus, line personnel are operating without good direction, and are fragmented in their provision of service to the citizens of the community. The purpose of this research project is to discover if there is a strategic plan for the fire division and, to develop a step-by-step process to follow for developing, communicating, implementing, and continuing enhancement of short range, medium range, and long range strategic planning within Auburn Fire Division. Action Research methodology was utilized to define and outline the process to be utilized in development, communication, implementation, and continued enhancement of a strategic plan for the fire division."

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