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"The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is a UK organisation founded in 1997; we are dedicated to serving society by promoting the accepted understanding of Islam with its spiritual teachings, ideals, civil concepts and moral values, all directed towards serving humanity. MAB seeks to reach out to people using reasoned and logically grounded argument. MAB cooperates with others to address complex issues affecting society: rising crime and prison populations, failure in education, spread of racism, rise in anti-Islam hatred - Islamophobia, drug addiction, violence and the growing disconnect of youth from society. MAB believes that Muslims should interact positively with all elements of society; to reflect, project and convey the pure message of Islam in an unblemished form. MAB works to build and sustain hope by encouraging Muslims to participate proactively in the British Society, to make the most of the many legitimate avenues available and to function positively to become fruitful citizens of the UK."

Muslim Association of Britain
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