Countering Violent Islamist Extremism: The Urgent Threat of Foreign Fighters and Homegrown Terror, Hearing Before the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, First Session February 11, 2015   [open pdf - 745KB]

This testimony compilation is from the February 11, 2015 hearing, "Countering Violent Islamist Extremism: The Urgent Threat of Foreign Fighters and Homegrown Terror," before the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security. From the statement of Michael McCaul, "We must keep those barbaric terrorists out of the homeland to protect the American people. This hearing will also assess the urgent and growing threat of terrorists recruiting and inspiring Americans. We need to accurately define the threat - violent Islamist extremism - and recognize it is spreading like wildfire around the globe. These fanatics want nothing less than destruction of our way of life, and now their ability to match words with deeds is growing at an astonishing rate. In recent years, their safe havens have proliferated and their ranks have swelled. In many ways, we are no longer talking about terrorist groups. We are talking about terrorist armies. ISIS now controls a territory the size of Belgium, governs millions of people, draws on billions of dollars in revenue, and commands tens of thousands of foot soldiers. And they are brutal - their latest act of barbarism was on full display with the horrific murder of the Jordanian pilot.This evolving Islamist terror landscape has given rise to the - dual threats of foreign fighter returnees and homegrown terrorism. The recent terror attack in Paris, and other attacks and plots in Belgium, Germany, the U.K., Australia, Canada, and here in the U.S. are proof that the threat has surged and that the enemy is dead set on attacking the West." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Francis X. Taylor, Nicholas J. Rasmussen, and Michael B. Steinbach.

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