Effect of an Electromagnetic Pulse Strike on the Transportation Infrastructure of Kansas City   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Abstract: "In the twenty-first century many non-state actors and third-rate countries aspire to become relevant in a world moving forward. The development of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) used as a weapon poses a significant threat to an electrically driven world. An EMP strike is an extremely desirable way to affect a given population of any nation. Due to the indirect nature of an EMP strike, its employment has minimal signature further concealing its origin or motivated actor. An aspiring third-rate country could harness or employ this weapon to quickly ensure its relevancy in the world, while a world super-power could use it to upset the balance of power without bringing attention to its self. As the U.S. and specifically a mid-sized city such as Kansas City adjust for tighter homeland security, they also look to combat potential future threats. Kansas City is at the epicenter of U.S. transportation acting as a major mid-continent hub for multi-mode transport, where everything is executed just in time. This study examines how an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) strike targeting Kansas City will affect its road, rail, and distribution infrastructure."

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